Trust experts gave the movie a thumbs-up:

Film for Trust Buffs, THE TRUST ADVISOR (Jan. 16, 2012): “This is The Trust Advisor’s favorite film of the season, a depiction of what the trust industry is all about. This is a MUST see for anyone in the trust world.”

Joseph S. Karp, The Descendants Shows Challenges for Trustees, LEXISNEXIS LEGAL NEWSROOM (Nov. 29, 2011): “The film masterfully portrays how difficult it can be to satisfy all family members when an estate planning pie must be divided and distributed…. The situation depicted in the film is spot-on realistic.”

Arthur S. Leonard, The Descendants: The Rule Against Perpetuities Provokes a Family Crisis (Jan. 16, 2012): “The whole thing is well put together.”

Paul E. Trudelle, Hollywood, and the Rule Against Perpetuities, TORONTO ESTATE LAW (Nov. 28, 2011): “… a great movie from the perspective of an estates and trusts lawyer.” 

Jeffrey A. Cramer, Movies About Estate Planning: The Descendants, CRAMER LAW CENTER (Apr. 10, 2012): “The Descendants deals with the estate planning issues accurately, while entertaining and enlightening the viewer.”

Inversecondemnation, Movie Review: The Descendants (Feb. 26, 2012): “… a film that gets the details right.”

Deborah L. Jacobs, George Clooney Makes Estate Planning Sexy, FORBES (Feb. 23, 2012): “The legal issues were painstakingly developed and fact checked.”

Julia Flynn Siler, The Descendants Aims to Lay Down the Law in Hawaii,” Wall Street Journal (Nov. 26, 2011): “[The script is] rooted in history and law…. almost like a documentary.”

Inversecondemnation, The Real Stories Behind The Descendants (March 5, 2014): “How many law review articles contain the words ‘George Clooney,’ ‘Rule Against Perpetuities,’ and ‘Sexy’ in a single title?”