Price of Paradise Radio Show Topics, Guests, Dates and Audio Recordings:

Climate Change and its Impact on Hawaii. University of Hawaii Professors Tom Giambelluca, Fred McKenzie, and Tom Schroeder (10/1/1995) Part 1 Part 2

Protecting the Environment. Patricia Tummons, founder of ENVIRONMENT HAWAII newsletter and Kirk R. Smith, an East-West Center Senior Fellow and Program on Environment Coordinator  (10/8/1993)  Part 1   

Physician-assisted suicide. University of Hawaii Medical School Professors S.Y. Tan and Norman Goldstein (12/17/1995) Part 1 Part 2

Bishop Estate Controversy and Trustee Selection. Former Principal of Kamehameha Schools Gladys Brandt, retired judge of the State Intermediate Court of Appeals Walter Heen, senior Federal District Court Judge Samuel King, and University of Hawaii law professor Randall Roth (12/28/97) Part 1 Part 2

Bishop Estate Debate. Executive Director of Common Cause Hawaii, Desmond Byrne, and Bishop Estate trustee Oz Stender (3-5-1994) Part 1

Talking Story with Two Bishop Estate Trustees. Former President of the State Senate Richard “Dickie” Wong, and lawyer Gerry Jervis (5/21/1995)  Part 1 Part 2      

Bishop Estate 1997 Master’s Report. Trust lawyer Carroll Taylor (11/21/1997) Part 1 Part 2

Randall Roth Radio Interview regarding the Price of Paradise books and radio show and Broken Trust Essay (1998) Part 1 Part 2

Public Education in Hawaii. Executive Director of the Hawaii State Teachers Association Joan Husted, Retired Punahou President Rod McPhee, and former University of Hawaii Dean of Education John Dolly (12/3/1995) Part 1 Part 2

Capitalism in Paradise. University of Hawaii Ethnic Studies Professor and capitalism critic Noel Jacob Kent, and Bank of Hawaii Chief Economist Paul Brewbaker (7/7/96) Part 1 Part 2

Media in Hawaii. Star-Bulletin publisher and editor John Flanagan, Advertiser editor Jim Gatti and UH journalism professor Tom Brislin (2/18/1996) Part 1 Part 2

Corruption in Government Procurement. Senator Richard Matsuura, chairman of the Senate’s special investigative committee, and Bill Wood, free-lance journalist and former Hawaii Investor magazine editor (November 1993) Part 1

Hawaii’s Political Culture. Real estate developer Jack Myers and former Fasi Administration official Bob Dye (8/18/1996) Part 1 Part 2

Ethnic humor. Specialist in the Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity Program at the University of Hawaii Jonathan Y. Okamura and others (3/22/1998) Part 1 Part 2

Ethnic Humor. Political Cartoonist Corky Trinidad and Comedian Frank DeLima (8/6/95) Part 1 Part 2

Abortion Debate. Associate director for Hawaii Right to Life Holly Born and Republican Eve Anderson of the State House of Representatives (8/11/1996) Part I Part 2

HECO Power Lines. Executive director of Life of the Land Henry Curtis, HECO executive Chuck Freedman and HECO project manager Kerstan J. Wong (7/6/1997) Part 1 Part 2

The Overthrow. Descendant of Lorrin A. Thurston (who was a leader of the 1893 overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy) and former owner of The Honolulu Advertiser, Thurston Twigg-Smith, and University of Hawaii Professor of Hawaiian Studies Daviana McGregor (9/7/1997) Part 1 Part 2

More on the overthrow.  Thurston Twigg-Smith and Daviana McGregor  (9/14/1997) Part 1 Part 2

Same-Sex Marriage. Sexual Orientation Commissioners Jim Hochberg and Kuumealoha Gomes, Deputy Attorney General Steve Michaels, and civil rights lawyer Dan Foley (11/26/95) Part 1 Part 2

Racial Slurs. Executive Director of Hawaii Civil Rights Commission Bill Hoshijo and attorney Jeff Portnoy (6/21/1998) Part 1 Part 2

Conservative Politics. Co-chair of Hawaii’s Future Today, pastor of the House of Prayer Church and chairman of the architectural firm Group 70 International Francis Oda, plus UH professor Ira Rohter and retired bank executive Jack Hoag (7/27/1997) Part 1 Part 2

Candidates for Prosecutor on Hawaii’s Criminal Justice System. Former supervising deputy prosecutors Randal Yoshida, Peter B. Carlisle, and David Arakawa (6/16/1996) Part 1 Part 2

K-12 Education in Hawaii. Punahou President James Scott (5/26/1996) Part 1 Part 2

Economic Woes. Bank of Hawaii Chief Economist Paul Brewbaker (2/22/1998) Part 1 Part 2

Civic Renewal. Advertiser page editor Jerry Burris, bank executive Robbie Alm and State Senator Mike McCartney (1/4/1998) Part 1 Part 2

First Amendment Issues. University of Hawaii Law Professor Jon Van Dyke and civil rights attorney Dan Foley (6/12/1994) Part 1 Part 2

Leadership in Hawaii. Campbell Estate Trustee David Heenan and UH History Professor Dan Boylan (7/2/1995) Part 1 Part 2

Improving Hawaii’s Economy. DBED&T Director Seiji Naya, UH Business Professor David McClain, and BOH Chief Economist Paul Brewbaker (9/1719/95) Part 1 Part 2

Waiahole Ditch Controversy. Attorneys Alan Murakami and Douglas MacDougal (7/9/1995) Part 1 Part 2

Hawaii’s Future. Honolulu Advertiser Editor George Chaplin and retired Campbell Estate Trustee Herb Cornuelle (2/18/1994) Part 1

The Judiciary. Chief Justice Ronald Moon and Judge Michael Town (8/16/1998) Part 1 Part 2

The Future of Hawaii. Futurist James Dator and Sociologist Peter Adler (April 1994) Part 1

Traffic Congestion. University of Hawaii Economics Professor Lou Rose and Oahu Metro Planning Organization Executive Director Gordon Lum (9/3/95) Part 1 Part 2

Kenneth P. Mortimer Interview #1. University of Hawaii President Ken Mortimer (8/7/94) Part 1 Part 2

Bishop Estate Debate. Bishop Estate Trustee Oz Stender and Executive Director of Common Cause Hawaii Desmond Byrne (3/5/1994) Part 1

Bishop Estate and Na Pua Ke Ali’i. Na Pua President Toni Lee, Vice-President Jan Dill, and Senator Ed Case (5/10/98) Part 1 Part 2

Bishop Estate Update. Randall Roth (8/16/1998) Part 1 Part 2

Environmental Regulation. Sierra Club Legal Defense Attorney Paul Achitoff, Honolulu County Wastewater Director Cheryl Okuma-Sepe, and private environmental attorney Lisa Munger (3/3/96) Part 1 Part 2

Hawaiian Sovereignty Organizations. Kekuni Blaisdell (Ka Pakaukau), Kea/ii Gora (Ka Lahui) and Blossom Feiteira (Nation of Hawaii) (8/13/95) Part 1 Part 2

Hawaiian Sovereignty, The Big Picture. Former Director of State Planning Norma Wong, Sovereignty election commission member Bill Meheula, State Representative Quentin Kawananakoa, OHA Chairman Clayton Hee, Hawaiian Home Lands Chairman Kali Watson, and Bishop Estate trustee Oswald Sender (8/27/95) Part 1 Part 2

Land Use in Hawaii. University of Hawaii Agricultural and Resource Economics Professor Peter Garrod and CEO of Group 70 International (an architecture and planning firm) Francis Oda (Jan. 1994) Part 1

Bishop Estate Trustee Lokelani Lindsay radio interview (11/27/1997) Part 1

Political Agenda for 1994. Advertiser Editorial Page Editor Jerry Burris and Hawaiian Electric Company Vice-President of Community Relations Chuck Freedman (4/12/1994) Part 1 Part 2

Political Dysfunction: ls it Pay to Play? Attorney, former legislative aide to Spark Matsunaga, and Neighborhood Board member John McClaren, and Executive Director of Common Cause Hawaii Desmond Byrne (December 1995) Part 1

Is Judicial Selection Too Political? Sam King, Momi Cazimero, and Jim Koshiba (7/19/1998)

Twigg-Smith’s Sovereignty book. Senior U.S. District Court judge Samuel P. King, executive director of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corp. Mahealani Kamau’u and UH Law School professor Jon Van Dyke (4/12/98)

Hawaiian autonomy bill.  State Representative Ed Case, governor of Ka Lahui Hawai’i Mililani B. Trask, Attorney William Meheula, chair of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs A. French DeSoto, chairman of the Hawaii Homes Commission Kali Watson, and former state legislator and former trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Kinau Kamali’i. (1/11//98)

Hawaiian Sovereignty with Chuck Freedman, John Toplinski, and Thurston Twigg-Smith (8/9/98)

Water Issues. Former Water Commission members Dick Cox and Michael Chun who also is President of Kamehameha Schools. (9/25/94)

Hawaii’s Environment. Guest host Bruce Voss with Director of Environmental Health Bruce Anderson and environmental consultant Susan Miller. (10/30/94)

Revolution in Health Care. HMSA‘s Fred Fortin, UH Ethics Professor Ken Kipnis and Emergency Room Physician Fred Holschuh. (7/12/98)

Confidentiality of Medical Records. Medical Director of Queen’s Health Plans Dr. George Bussey and Health-Reform Activist Dr. Arleen Johasson-Meyers. (7/5/98)

Development vs. Environmental Protection. Land Use Research Foundation Exec. Dir. Dan Davidson, Attorney Bill Tam, Consultant Maile Bay and State Director of Planning Rick Egged. (6/28/98)

Campaign Spending. Vice President of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Janet Mason and professor of economics and political science at Hawaii Pacific University Ken Schoolland. (6/14/98)

Gun Control. John M. Olin Law and Economics fellow at the University of Chicago John R. Lott, Visiting Scholar at Northwestern University/University of Chicago Joint Center for Poverty Research Jens Ludwig, University of Chicago’s Divinity School graduate Jeffrey Conte and director of federal policy for the Violence Policy Center Kristen Rand. (5/24/98)

Drug Treatment. Campaign consultant for Arizona’s Proposition 200 Sam Vagenas, vice president of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii Pam Lichty, circuit court judge who pioneered the Drug Court program James Aiona and deputy prosecuting attorney and Drug Court Deputy Tom Koenig. (5/17/98)

The Economic Revitalization Task Force. Executive director of Hawaii Youth Service Network Bob Bonar, chair of the People’s Water Conference Charley Ice and state senator and president of Small Business Hawaii Sam Slom. (5/3/98)

The Natatorium. Swimmer and member of the Kaimana Beach Coalition, city managing director Robert J. Fishman and deputy director of the state Department of Health Bruce Anderson. (4/26/98)

Robinson Family & Niihau. Keith Robinson. (4/19/98)

University of Hawaii. President Kenneth Mortimer.  (4/5/98)

Gas prices. Chevron representative and deputy attorney general. (3/29/98)

UH and Hawaii’s economic recovery. Dean of the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology at the University of Hawaii C. Barry Raleigh, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas vice president Stanley K. Kawaguchi and political science professor Dean Neubauer (3/15/98)

Child Abuse. Former Advertiser reporter and court-appointed attorney for parents and guardian for children in family court cases Janice Wolf and a court-appointed attorney for parents in family court cases Keith Shigetomi (3/1/98)

Porteus Hall controversy. Professor emeritus of psychology Ronald C. Johnson, professor of sociolo8y and director of the Liberal Studies program Peter T. Manicus, and economics professor Jim Mak. University of Hawaii at Manoa. (2/1/98)

PASH Study Group Report. Trustee of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Hannah K. Springer, retired state Intermediate Court of Appeals judge Walter Heen and Executive Director of the Land Use Research Foundation of Hawaii Dan Davidson. (1/25/98)

Future of Hawaii (11/12/97)

Hawaii and the future. Members of the state Economic Revitalization Task Force — Vice Chairman of Bank of Hawaii Thomas C. Leppert, president of Omnitrak Group Patricia Loui, Representative Tom Okamura and freelance writer and former editor of The Advertiser’s editorial pages John Griffin (10/26/97)

Should tax money fund the arts? Director of the Honolulu Academy of Ans George R. Ellis and former chairman of the Hawaii Libertarian Party and professor of economics and political science at Hawaii Pacific University Ken Schoolland. (10/19/97)

Welfare. Retired union social worker and University of Hawaii regent Ah Quon McElrath, former state legislator and candidate for governor and businessman Fred Hemmings and welfare administrator for the state Department of Human Services Kristine Foster. (10/12/97)

Land use. Lawyer and member of the Land Use Commission Allen K. Hoe and Kudo Professor of Law at the University of Hawaii School of Law David L. Callies. (9/21/97)

Hawaii’s labor unions. State senator and president/executive director of Small Business Hawaii Sam Slom and labor activist, University of Hawaii regent and social worker Ah Quon McElrath. (8/31/97)

Bishop Estate. Monsignor Charles Kekumano, Retired Kamehameha School Principal Gladys Brandt, Judge Sam King and Retired Judge Walter Heen.(8/24/97)

Juvenile Justice. Principal investigator on the Hawaii Youth Gang Project and professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Hawaii Meda Chesney-Lind, senior judge of the Family Court Michael Town and first deputy prosecuting attorney for the city of Honolulu lwalani White. (8/17/97)

Bishop Estate/Broken Trust. Federal Judge Sam King, Retired Intermediate Court of Appeal Judge Walter Heen and State Representative Ed Case. (8/10/97)

Megan’s law. Parole officer with the Hawaii Paroling Authority Kathy Shimata, director of the Sex Abuse Treatment Center Adriana Ramelli, psychotherapist Connie Brinton and lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union Tom Heinrich. 7/20/97)

Smoking restrictions. Retired IBM systems engineer and president of Hawaii Smokers’ Rights and Waikiki entertainer Keith Haugen. (7/13/97)

Hawaii’s economy. Political scientist Dan Boylan, worker activist Jim Brewer and publisher­ emeritus George Mason. (6/29/97)

Public Access Shoreline Hawaii (PASH). University of Chicago Law School professor Richard A. Epstein, attorney John Jubinsky, and attorneys for the Native Hawaiian Legal Corp. Arnold L. Lum and David M. Forman. (6/22/97)

Hawaii’s public schools. Chair of the State Board of Education Karen Knudsen, former president of Punahou School Rod McPhee and president of the Hawaii State Teachers Association June Motokawa. (6/15/97)

Gun control. University of Chicago School of Law John M. Olim Law and Economics Fellow John R. Lott, Jr. and Hawaii State House of Representatives minority floor Leader Cynthia Thielen. (6/8/97)

Physician-assisted suicide. Emeritus professor of medicine at the University of Hawaii Max Botticelli, University of Chicago Constitutional/ law professor Cass Sunstein and director of the Maui County Catholic School Ministry Office Sister Roselani Enomoto. (5/25/97)

Hawaii’s troubled economy. Chief economist of the State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Honolulu businesswoman Kathryn Bilkiss and operator of a family farm in Waiahole Valley Charles Reppun. (5/11/97)

Privatization. Mayor of Maui County Linda Lingle.  (4/27/97)

Ceded Lands. Chairman of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Clayton Hee and state representative Ed Case. (4/20/97)

Build more prisons? University of Chicago Law School professor Dan Kahan, Honolulu’s prosecuting attorney Peter B. Carlisle, law professor and host of the Price of Paradise Radio Show Randy Roth, and a civil rights lawyer and former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union Dan Foley. (4/13/97)

Civic Activism. Leaders of the “POP ’94” community effort, Randall Roth, Chuck Freedman, and Jerry Burris.  (10/27/96)

State Budget Cuts and Other Election Issues.  An incumbent state senator and vice president of Grand Pacific Life Insurance Co. Donna Ikeda and president and executive director of Small Business Hawaii Sam Slom. (10/20/96)

The Effectiveness of Attempts to Protect Endangered Species in Hawaii. Honolulu lawyer Paul S. Aoki, resource analyst for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund Marjorie Ziegler, administrator for the Division of Forestry and Wildlife of the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Michael Buck and general panner of McCandless Ranch Cynthia Salley. (10/13/96)

Kamehameha Schools. Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate trustee Lokelani Lindsey. (10/6/96)

Drug Policy in Hawaii. Co1ounder of the Hawaii Drug Policy Options Group Pam Lichty, social worker and executive director of the Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii Sandra Lacar, Dr. Bernie Poner and police Captain Kenneth Tano. (9/29/96)

For Congress: Abercrombie or Swindle? (9/22/96)

The effect religious conservatives have on politics. Coordinator of the Hawaii Catholic Conference and organizer of the lobbying group Hawaii’s Future Today. (9/15/96)

Can Land Development Coexist with Native Hawaiian Land-Use Rights. Partner in the law firm of Damon Key Boeken Leong Kupchak and a specialist in cons1rue1ion law Kenneth Kupchak, chair of the Maui/Lana ‘i Island Burial Council Dana Naone Hall. Also, Isaac Hall and Peter L’Orange. (9/8/96)

Judicial Philosophy and Controversial Supreme Court Decisions. Former Chief Justice William S. Richardson and former Intermediate Court of Appeals Judge Walter Heen. (9/1/96)

The Native Hawaiian Vote. Attorney Jim Mee, attorney Haydon Alulu representing two members of the Hawaiian Sovereignty Elections Council, Lela Hubbard, UH law school professor Jon Van Dyke, and. attorney John Goemans. (8/25/96)

Hawaii Supreme Court. Senior partner in the jinn of Case Myrdal Bigelow & Lombardi Daniel H. Case and senior partner in the firm of Ashford & Wriston Clinton R. Ashford, both are former presidents of the Hawaii State Bar Association. (8/4/96)

Sexual Harassment. President of Hawaii Star Bar Association and attorney with the law firm of Alston Hunt Floyd & lng Ellen Godbey Carson, attorney Cynthia Winegar of Watanabe Ing & Kawashima, Dean of the U.H. law school Lawrence Foster and President of Page Hawaii Sam Teague. (7/28/96)

The Coming Aging Boom. UH emeritus professor of medicine Max G. Botticelli, M.D., director of corporate communications for Aloha Tower Marketplace Sam Shenkus and a retired research fellow of the Est-West Center’s Population Institute Eleanor C. Nordyke. (7/14/96)

Affirmative Action. Assistant Dean of the University Law School Joanne Punu and former state senator Mary George. (6/30/98)

QUEST. Administrator of the Med-Quest Division of the State Department of Human Services Winifred Odo, Executive Director of the Hawaii State Primary Care Association Bert Giesting, past president of the Hawaii Medical Association Fred C. Holschuh, M.D. and Medical Director for Queen’s Hawaii Care George D. Bussey, M.D. (6/9/96)

The Jones Act. State of Hawaii’s Consumer Advocate Charles Totto, Matson Navigation Co. manager of marine operations Robert J. Murray and Vice President Philip M. Grill, former member of the Federal Maritime Commission Rob Quarrel, Acting Executive Director of the Hawaii Shippers’ Council Mike Hallsen, kama’aina Maui rancher and president of the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council Sumner Erdman. (6/2/96)

Homeless Mentally Ill. Director of the Queen’s Medical Center’s Counseling and Clinical Service and associate professor of psychiatry at the UH Medical School Dr. Barry Carlton, psychiatrist Margaret Copi and Coordinator of the Honolulu Police Department’s Project Outreach Sharon Black. (4/28/96)

Mental Illness. Executive Director of the Oahu Alliance for the Mentally Ill Fran Smith and Attorney David Ramm/er of Protection and Advocacy Agency of Hawaii. (4/21/96)

Auto Insurance Reform. Director of Public Affairs in Hawaii for Hawaii State Fann Insurance Carolyn Fujioka and consumer law attorney Janice Kim. (3/31/96)

Tax Crackdown.  Director of Taxation Ray Kamikawa and attorney Stephen Pingree.  (3/24/96)

Campaign Finance. Campaign Spending Commission Executive Director Bob Watada, political insider Don Clegg, plus Arleen Kim Ellis, Red Morris, Neal Milner, Kioni Dudley, Desmond Byrne, and Mary George by phone. (3/17/96)

Does Punishment Work? Visiting law professor Ken Williams, Director of Prison Services Ted Sakai, and State Representative Quentin Kawananakoa. (3/10/96)

Should We Build a New UH Campus in West Oahu? Attorney General Margery Bronster, UH Professor of Economics Sumner La Croix. (2/25/96)

TV Journalism in Hawaii. KRON general manager and news director Kent Baker, KJTV news director Wally Zimmerman and UH journalism professor Gerald Kato. (2/11/96)

Who Runs the University? Physicist and author David Yount & UH regent Stuart Ho.  (2/4/96)

Legalize Prostitution? Waikiki Health Center outreach worker Rev. Pam Vessels, HPD Vice Division Captain Kenneth Tano, HOPE spokesperson Tracy Ryan and Representative Mary Jane McMurdo. (1/28/96)

Government Size. Labor Economist Bill Boyd and former Chamber of Commerce President Paul Lister. (1/21/96)

Insurance Regulation. Senator Donna Ikeda and Insurance Company Executive Linda Gilchrist. (1/14/96)

Welfare. Democratic Party Chair Richard Port & Businessman Cliff Slater (1/7/96)

The Budget Crisis. House Finance Committee Chairman Calvin Say and UH Professor of Business Economics Jack Suyderhoud. (12/31/95)

Prison Crowding. Public Safety Department official Manha Tomey and former Deputy Attorney General Tom Farrell. (12/10/95)

Evaluating & Advising the Governor. Honolulu Advertiser Editorial page editor Jerry Burris. (11/19/95)

Women in Politics. Guest host Diane Chang with Lt. Gov. Mazie Hirono and Domestic Violence Clearinghouse Executive Director Nanci Kreidman. (11/12/95)

Do We Need a CON CON? Guest host Peter Adler with former CON CON Chairman Bill Paty, legislator Jim Shon, Star-Bulletin columnist Bud Smyser and MidWeek political columnist Dan Boylan. (11/5/95)

Crisis at UH. Social Science Dean Richard Dubanoski, Manoa Vice-Chancellor Carol Eastman and English Professor George Simson. (10/29/95)

Justice on Trial. U.S. District Court Judge Sam King and trial attorney Jackie Earle. (10/22/95)

Beach Liability and County Immunity. Tort lawyer lobbyist Bob Toyofuku, UH Law Associate Dean Hazel Beh and Water Safety Head Ralph Goto. (10/15/95)

Gambling. Maui Mayor Linda Lingle, House Speaker Joe Souki, U.S. Attorney Steve Alm, CPA Joseph Toy, Outrigger President David Carey, Institute for the Study of Gambling Director Bill Eadington. (10/8/95)

Government’s Role in Human Services. Guest host Tom Mitrano, DHS Director Susan Chandler and Waikiki Health Center Director Frank Chong. (9/24/95)

Community-based Zoning. Former Land Utilization Directors John Whalen and Don Clegg. (9/10/95)

Sovereignty: The Critics. Attorneys Clinton Ashford and Jim Mee: plus historian Walter Judd. (8/20/95)

Hawaii’s Brain Drain. UH Business Economics Professor Jack Suyderhoud, plus Mehana Blaich, Judd Yamane and Douglas Jenkins. (7/30/95)

Are We Winning the War on Drugs? UH Professor Don Topping and former U.S. Attorney Dan Bent. (7/23/95)

Why People Hate Government. Representative Alex Santiago, Political insider Norma Wong, UH Professor Kem Lowry. (7/16/95)

Lessons from New Zealand. Fletcher-Pacific President Murray Bawden and UH Business Professor David McClain. (6/25/95)

How to Elevate Politics. Retired Republican legislator Mary George, Advertiser Editor Jerry Burris and Democrat legislator Tom Okamura. (6/18/95)

Access to Information. Senator Milton Holt and Common Cause President Desmond Byrne. (6/11/95)

The Symphony. Retired journalist Jim Becker, Symphony Society Board member Betsy Chapman, and Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Tom Bennett. (6/4/95)

Crime & Punishment in Hawaii. Honolulu Police Chief Michael Nakamura and Director of Prison Services Ted Sakai. (5/28/95)

Affirmative Action. State Director on Affirmative Action Jackie Young and Labor Lawyer Jared Jossem. (5/14/95)

Rookie Legislators. First-time legislators Scott Saiki, Ed Case, Quentin Kawananakoa and Colleen Meyer. (5/7/95)

Contract With America and Its Impact on Hawaii. Recent Congressional candidate Orson Swindle and UH Professor Deane Neubauer. (4/30/95)

University of Hawaii. UH President Kenneth P. Mortimer. (4/23/95)

Hawaii’s Fiscal Crisis. House Finance Committee Chair Calvin Say and Tax Foundation President Lowell Kalapa. (4/16/95)

Hawaii’s Health Care System. UH Poli1ical Science Professor Deane Neubauer and UH Medical School Professor S. Y. Tan. (4/9/95)

Government Funding of Broadcasting & The Arts. Honolulu Academy of Arts President and Director George Ellis, Janner KHET Executive Director Jim Young and retired senator Mary George. (4/2/95)

Tort Reform. Attorney Ben Sakuda, Hawaii Insurance Council President Linda Gilchrist and UH Visiting Law Professor Paul Carrington. (3/26/95)

Open Forum. Star-Bulletin Editorial Page Editor Diane Chang and Columnist Bud Smyser. (3/19/95)

Long-Term Care. UH Professor of Social Work Oscar Kurren, UH Professor of Medicine Patricia Blanchette and care facility administrator Stanley Snodgrass. (3/12/95)

Hawaii’s Futures. UH Futurist Jim Dator and UH Economist Jack Suyderhoud. (3/5/95)

Open Forum. Advertiser Editorial Page Editor Jerry Burris. (2/26/95)

Human Services. DHS Director Susan Chandler and Director of Catholic Charities Tom Dinell. (2/19/95)

Sovereignty. Lawyers Bill Meheula and Paul Carrington and retired businessman Bob Midkiff.  (2/12/95)

Hawaii’s Fiscal Crisis. State Director of Budget & Finance Earl Anzai and Tax Foundation President Lowell Kalapa. (2/5/95)

Conversation with Harold Masumoto. Fonner Director of State Planning and current President of the Research Corporation of UH Harold Masumoto. (1/29/95)

Hawaii’s Business Climate. Small businessman Nonn Nichols and business journalist Bill Wood. (1/22/95)

Conversation with Bob Jones. Former KGMB News Anchorman Bob Jones. (1/15/95)

Conversation with Mary George. Retired State Senator Mary George. (1/8/95)

Events of 1994 and Prediction for 1995. HE/ Vice President Chuck Freedman. (1/1/95)

Republican Party. Guest Host Chuck Freedman with Republican party chairperson Jane Tatibouet and State Representative Michael Liu. (12/18/94)

Telecommunications. Guest Host Peter Adler with Larry Cross, Philip Bossert and Richard Turner. (12/11/94)

Lawyers in Paradise. Guest Host Peter Adler with Lawyers Jim Paul. Karen Holt and Coralie Matayoshi. (12/4/94)

UH School of Law Admission Policy. Law School Assistant Dean Joanne Punu and Dean Emeritus Dick Miller. (11/27/94)

Adoption Law. Guest host Calvin Pang with Family Court Judge Frances Wong and author Annette Baran. (11/20/94)

Political Campaigns.  Editor Emeriti George Chaplin and Bud Smyser.  (11/3/94)

Open Forum on Gubernatorial Election. (11/6/94)

Political Advertising. Guest host Bruce Voss with Star-Bulletin editorial page editor Diane Chang and UH Professor Political Science Dan Boylan. (10/23/94)

Reaction to Televised Gubernatorial Debate. HE/ Vice-President Chuck Freedman and Honolulu Advertiser Editorial Page Editor Jerry Burris. (10/16/94)

Prisons. John Howard Society President Jerry Riordan and UH Professor of Sociology Gene Kasselbaum. (10/9/94)

Hawaii’s International Role. UH College of Business Professor David McClain and UH Vice­ President for International Programs Joyce Tsunoda. (10/2/94)

Privatization. Pacific Business News Editorial Page Editor George Mason and Former Director of the State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Robbie Alm.  (9/18/94)

Workers’ Compensation. Former Insurance Commissioner Linda Takayama, Insurers Council spokesperson Paul Ables, and attorney David Robinson. (9/11/94)

More on The Waihee Years. Governor John Waihee. (9/4/94)

Convention Center. Trade show expert Ken Kanter and President of Waikiki Improvement Association Christina Kemmer. (8/28/94)

Health Care Reform. University of Hawaii Professor of Business Frank Abou-Sayf and University of Hawaii Medical School Professor George Bussey. (8/21/94)

The Waihee Years. Governor John Waihee.  (8/14/94)

Car Insurance. President of Hawaii Insurers Council Linda Gilchrist and University of Hawaii Professor of Law Richard Miller. (7/31/94)

Welfare Reform. State Department of Human Services Director Winona Rubin and National Association of Social Workers Chapter President Katherine Koos-Lee. (7/24/94)

Education in Hawaii. DOE Superintendent Harold Aizawa and Board of Education member Karen Knudsen. (7/17/94)

Land Regulation. University of Hawaii Law Professor David Callies and City & County of Honolulu Director of Land Utilization Donn Clegg. (7/10/94)

Military in Hawaii. Chamber of Commerce President, Major General Paul Lister, and former CINCPAC Admiral Ron Hays. (7/3/94)

Housing in Hawaii. Guest host Bruce Voss with Nick Ordway, Director of the Hawaii Real Estate Research and Education Center. (6/26/94)

Media Coverage of Political Campaigns (POP ’94). Anne Harpham, Managing Editor, The Honolulu Advertiser; Kent Baker, News Director, KHON Channel 2; and Charles Freedman, Vice President of Corporate Relations, Hawaiian Electric Company. (6/5/94)

’94 Campaign. Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Lewin.

Same-sex marriage and gun control. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Rey Graulty and civil rights attorney Dan Foley.

’94 Campaign. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Cayetano.

Labor Unions. UHPA Executive Director J.N. Musto, Financial Sec. of Local 5 HERE Tony Rutledge, and UH Director of Labor Education Center Bill Puette.

’94 Campaign.  Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat Saiki.

Importance of the East-West Center to Hawaii. East-West Center President Michel Oksenberg and Star-Bulletin columnist Bud Smyser.

Land Regulation. UH Law Professor David Callies and State Director of Planning Harold Masumoto. (May, 1994)

Assessment of 1994 Legislative Session. State Senator Matt Matsunaga and State Representative Barbara Marumoto.

Public Education. Board of Education member Karen Knudsen and UH College of Education Dean John Dolly.

Is there a viable alternative to our tourism driven economy? UH Distinguished Professor of Business David McClain and UH Professor of Political Science Ira Rohter.

Are we losing our sense of community? UH Director, Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity, Amy Agbayani and First Hawaiian Bank Executive Robbie Alm. (April 1993)

Has Hawaii really changed during the last 50 years? UH Law Professor Eric Yamamoto and Journalist Tom Coffman. (April 1993)

Tourism. UH Professor of Economics James Mak and UH Distinguished Professor of Travel Industry Management Ken Tucker.

Are we getting our money’s worth from government? UH Professor Jack Suyderhoud and Bob Rees, a UH instructor on business/American Studies.

What can we do to improve Hawaii’s economy? UH Professor David McClain and First Hawaiian Bank Chief Economist Leroy Laney.

Who wins and who loses with sovereignty? Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs President H. Bruss Keppeler.

Are we headed toward wall-to-wall golf courses? UH Hilo Economics Professor Marcia Sakai and Bruce Plasch, President, Decision Analysts Hawaii.

Lucky we live Hawaii? Star-Bulletin columnist A.A. “Bud” Smyser and retired Campbell Estate Trustee Herb Cornuelle.

Is it government’s fault housing is so expensive in Hawaii? Bank of Hawaii Economist Paul Brewbaker and UH Professor Sumner LaCroix.

Why does everything cost so much? First Hawaiian Bank Chief Economist Leroy Laney and Locations, Inc. Senior Vice President and Director of Research Michael Sklarz.

Do we have “too much” government? Pacific Business News columnist George Mason and UH Professor Dolores Foley.

Are we running out of water? UH Professors Jim Moncur and Dick Bowen.

How can we save our schools? UH Professor John Dolly and Superintendent of Schools Charles Toguchi.

Is Hawaii a Tax Hell? Tax Foundation President Lowell Kalapa and UH Professor Jack Suyderhoud.

Are race relations getting better or worse? Susan Yim, free-lance journalist and a former Honolulu Advertiser editor, and UH Law School Professor Eric Yamamoto.

How should the leasehold controversy be resolved? UH political science professor Neal Milner and attorney Clint Ashford of Ashford and Wriston.

Do women in Hawaii have equal access to jobs? Coralie Chun Matayoshi, attorney and Executive Director of the Hawaii State Bar Association, and attorney Cori Lau, president of Hawaii Women lawyers and Executive Director Hawaii Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

Conversation with Orson Swindle, Vietnam POW for six years, one-time head of Ross Perot’s Presidential Campaign Organization, and co-founder of Empower America. (October 1993)

The new big five and old-style cronyism: it’s about power, BUT is it good for Hawaii? Chuck Freedman, Hawaiian Electric Company Vice President of Corporate Relations, and Jerry Burris, Honolulu Advertiser Editorial Page Editor.

The Paradise Tax: What is it and what are its implications? Paul Brewbaker, Bank of Hawaii economist, Joanne Punu, UH law school assistant dean, and James Mak, UH professor of economics.

Are Hawaii’s public schools likely to improve? Roderick McPhee, Punahou School president, Karen Knudsen, Board of Education member, and Sharon Mahoe, president Hawaii Teachers Association.

Is government headed in the right direction? Senator Richard Matsuura, chairman, Senate special investigative committee holding hearings on the Senate’s procurement system and the Employee Retirement System, and Bob Rees, a UH instructor on business and American • studies.

Conversation with Thomas P. Gill. Former state legislator, U.S. Congressman, lieutenant governor, and Democratic Party County chairman (1954-58).

Should we become less dependent on oil? Heidi Wild, Director of Marketing, BHP Petroleum Americas, and Fereidun Fesharaki, Director. East West Center Program on Resources: Energy & Minerals.

Government & Housing. Kent Keith, president of Chaminade University and former Director, State of Hawaii Department of Planning and Economic Development, and Nick Ordway, UH Professor and Director of the Hawaii Real Estate Research and Education Center.

How well are we being represented in Washington, D.C.? Peter Rosegg, long-time editorial writer, reporter and reviewer for the Honolulu Advertiser and a 1992-93 American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow.

Energy: What are the alternatives to oil? Richard Rocheleau, Associate Researcher, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, and Maurice Kaya, Energy Division Manager, State of Hawaii Department of Business. Economic Development and Tourism.

Update on Sovereignty. Bruss Keppeler, attorney and President of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.

Public Discourse. Dolores Foley, U.H. Professor, and Peter Adler, Hawaii Bar Foundation Executive Director.

Small Business in Hawaii. Sam Slom, small businessman and head of Small Business Hawaii, and Cliff Slater, two-time “Small Businessman of the Year.”

Politics in Hawaii. Dan Boylan, Midweek magazine political columnist, and Richard Borreca, Honolulu Star-Bulletin political and investigative writer.

Humor in Hawaii. Entertainer Frank De Lima and Corley Trinidad, Honolulu Star-Bulletin political cartoonist.

The Press in Paradise. Honolulu Advertiser editor Gerry Keir and Honolulu Star-Bulletin publisher & editor John Flanagan.

Tourism in Hawaii. Outrigger Hotel CEO Richard Kelley and United Airlines Senior Vice­ President Emeritus William Speicher.

Government & Media. Honolulu Star-Bulletin Senior Editor and Editorial-page Editor Diane Chang and media lawyer Jeff Portnoy.