Randall Roth sought public education reform while serving as Governor Lingle’s Director of Policy (2003) and later as co-founder and board chairman of the Education Institute of Hawaii (2014-2016). His monograph, Public Education in Hawaii: Past, Present & Future, sparked interest among educators, parents, lawmakers and others following its distribution at the 50th Anniversary of Statehood ceremony in 2009 and Roth’s keynote address at the University of Hawaii College of Education annual endowed lecture series in 2010. In 2016, Roth and Darrell Galera organized and made presentations at Governor Ige’s Education Summit, School Empowerment. The following is a representative sample of Roth’s many commentaries, testimonies, speeches, and other public statements regarding K-12 public education in Hawaii (with co-authors as noted):

Professor Roth and Darrel Galera co-founded the Education Institute of Hawaii (EIH) in 2014. Together they pushed for school empowerment and system-wide financial transparency.