Political Corruption. Senator Richard Matsuura, chairman of Senate special investigative committee holding hearings on the Senate’s procurement system and the Employee Retirement System, and Bob Rees, a UH instructor on business and American Studies (Nov. 1993) Part 1 Transcript in Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Campaign Finance Concerns. Campaign Spending Commission Executive Director Bob Watada, political insider Don Clegg, League of Women Voters president Arleen Kim Ellis, lobbyist Red Morris, UH Professor Neal Milner, head of Hawaii’s Green Party Kioni Dudley, Common Cause Hawaii head Desmond Byrne, and state Senator Mary George by phone (3/17/1996) Part 1 Part 2 Companion Commentaries

Campaign Finance Reform. Campaign Finance Executive Director Bob Watada, League of Women Voters Vice President Janet Mason, and Hawaii Pacific University Professor of Economics and Political Science Ken Schoolland (6/14/1998) Part 1 Part 2 Companion Commentaries

Media Coverage of Political Campaigns (POP ’94). Anne Harpham, Managing Editor of The Honolulu Advertiser; Kent Baker, News Director of KHON Channel 2; and Charles Freedman, Vice President of Corporate Relations for Hawaiian Electric Company (6/5/1994) Part 1 Part 2

TV Journalism in Hawaii. KHON general manager and news director Kent Baker, KITV news director Wally Zimmermann and UH journalism professor Gerald Kato (2/11/1996) Part 1 Part 2 Companion Commentaries

Political Campaigns in Hawaii.  Retired Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin Editors George Chaplin and Bud Smyser  (11/3/94) Part 1 Part 2 Photo

Corruption in Government Procurement. Senator Richard Matsuura, chairman of the Senate’s special investigative committee, and Bill Wood, free-lance journalist and former Hawaii Investor magazine editor (November 1993) Part 1

Hawaii’s Political Culture of Going Along to Get Along. Real estate developer Jack Myers and former Fasi Administration official Bob Dye (8/18/1996) Part 1 Part 2 Companion Commentaries I Companion Commentaries II Companion Commentaries III

Thomas P. Gill on Machine Politics. Former U.S. Congressman, Lieutenant Governor, and Democratic Party Oahu County Chairman from 1954 to 1958 (November 1993) Part 1

Leadership in Hawaii. Campbell Estate Trustee David Heenan and UH History Professor Dan Boylan (7/2/1995) Part 1 Part 2 Companion Commentary I Companion Commentary II

Chapters from Price of Paradise Books:

Have Labor Unions Outlived Their Usefulness in Hawaii (1993)? 

Can You Name The Big-5 (1993)?

What’s Wrong With Our State Legislature (1993)? 

How Sound Are The State’s Buying Practices (1993)? 

Is The State Employees’ Retirement System Being Abused (1993)? 

Is Government in Hawaii Corrupt (1993)? 

Hawaii’s Political Malaise: Does Anyone Care (1993)? 

Have We Left The Plantation Era (1993)? 

Has Hawaii Been Hurt By Cronyism in government (1993)?