”A sensitive and insightful story of Hawaiian culture and history … evolving into a stunning, uniquely informed expose` about shameless abuse of a charitable trust and shameful failure of public institutions.” –PROFESSOR EDWARD HALBACH, University of California at Berkeley School of Law

“Broken Trust chronicles a 100-year saga about politics, law, and native rights in fiftieth State. There are people on all sides of this conflict who would have preferred that the story be left behind, swept under the rug, or just ignored. This book is a warning to the future and a lesson on governance, power, and the management of big institutions.” -PETER ADLER, President, The Keystone Center

“At the story’s core is the most significant trust dispute of our time … a tale of unbridled ambition, infectious greed, and high drama, recounted in a fascinating cultural context … a treat for anyone who enjoyed Michener’s Hawaii.” -HOWARD M. MCCUE III, Chairman, Charitable Planning Committee, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

“With the verve and insight of a Tom Wolfe, the authors expose the full range of human folly and bravery. Broken Trust shows what happens when the immovable object of greed is met by the irresistible force of virtue.” -PROFESSOR EVELYN BRODY, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Reporter for the American Law Institute project, The Law of Nonprofit Organizations

“This book is required reading. Anyone—and I mean anyone—who regulates major charities or sits on their boards yet fails to read this book from cover to cover deserves to be fired for malpractice. Broken Trust is a textbook  lesson in charitable trust mismanagement.” -ALAN MORRISON, Co-founder with Ralph Nader, Public Citizen Litigation Group; Senior Lecturer, Stanford Law School